Strumming Some Heartstrings

Monday, September 06, 2010
at 6:41 PM

Heys peeps :)

anyone miss me blogging ?
im not going to continue though .
but maybe only aft EndOfYears .

i have to seriously start bucking up lots :)
aft all the ups & downs of this year ,
i also know my results have been affected .
but yeah :)
imma settle down awhile .
just gonna focus on my studies :D .

i'll push all my worries & problems aside .
& i sincerely believe god will help me get through all these .
i pray to you god ,
make my heart numb so i wont feel anything .
make me numb to all things happening ,
then i'll study hard & make my family happy .

Hellyeah :D
i love you guys :D!
a real short post .
but im happy that my results improved for this term .
like for every subject !
yayness man .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
at 6:44 PM

I totally swear life hates me -.-
ohwells .
im exhausted aft dance camp .
although its a short 2 day 1 night chalet .
but i'll rmb you seniors :)

had the stepping down ceremony ,
also the voting for the new exco .
ahh , love you kaixin for your earrings :D!
its pretty !

well congrats to the new exco ,
i know you guys will lead the dance troupe well de .
hehs .

headed to jp with jieling and pearlyn aft camp .
lunched at kfc .
i totally swear im getting fat :(
im off icecream this week alr lahhh D:
whateverzx .
shall gym maybe tmr :D

im tired -.-
maybe a nap would be nice ?

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Monday, June 07, 2010
at 10:03 PM

Hey i've had enough ,
i dont wish to argue or fight over anything anymore .
im exhausted .

I really dont understand why the hell am i doing this either .
i just want some peace , quiet and time to myself .
cant you just let it go and let me be ?
all these arguments are useless .
they're just a waste of your time ,
its over .
the past's past .

Kimberly :
Sorry for whatever she did to you ,
or whatever we've ever done to offend you .
i dont wish to quabble anymore .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Sunday, May 16, 2010
at 7:51 PM

Woahhh woke up at 8am today .
kekeke ,
woke pearlyn up early as well :x
sorry !

reached jp at 1040~
hohos , watched the 1115 back up plan .
quite nice ley !
touching :D

was late in meeting jieling :x
then had pepper lunch .
yummyummy .
but so ex !

shopped ,
shopped ,
and walked around more .
wahhh -.- tired .
finally bought a skirt from valerie .
headed home at 6ish ,
aft a bubbletea dinner ?

i sooo feel like puking right now .
curses .

photos :

i look like ghost .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Saturday, May 15, 2010
at 7:39 PM

Woah ,
Went shopping with mummy today :D
had fun leyy .

Went lunch at some highclass japanese buffet .
i swear the food is ultra good .
but i DO NOT like the raw swordfish T.T
i chewed it and like threw it out lol .
but still oishii !
wakakaka .
cabbed to and fro .

head to orchard centrepoint~
then walked around .
bought nothing much , but 2 shorts only :D
before heading home went Haagen Dazs for ice cream .
ohyummyummy .
successful day out :D
well .
i guess :D
did take my mind off unhappy things .
thanks mummy :}

Photos ,

In cab :x


The light pink one is the swordfish , ew .

Woots :D

Beautiful ey ? 18 bucks ley !

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
at 8:59 PM

Baby :}
This post is dedicated to you .
* altho im supposed to be studying :D
kekeke .

Even though sometimes im picky & mafan ,
i do know :x )
Thankyou for bearing with me .
Thankyou for showering all your love on me .
Because i think without you i wont be so happy .
All the times you take the trouble to just come over ,
Even if its really very far for you ,
you didnt even mind , you even sent me home .

Do you know ?
Everytime we part ,
i long for the next time to see you again .
i bear to be away from you for long .
i dont need gifts , i dont need sweet words .
only having you around is sufficient to keep me going .
only you make me strong :}

Dont worry ,
i also believe in us .
My mom will never be right .
We wont be tgt for 3 months , but 3 decades .
May all the people who see this post be our witness .
i pledge my heart & soul to you .
cause i love you baby :}
& thankyou dearest for the bracelet ,
i was really surprised & happy :}
Its beautiful .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

The Girl Next Door .

Cheryl ♥


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