Strumming Some Heartstrings

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
at 5:32 PM

these are just rdm thots.
that girl.
maybe shes not perfect.
maybe shes just not worth of him.
but she just fell in love with him.
she cant help it.
not at all.
maybe.. she should give up.
she should just run away and hide.
now shes hurting.
and she promised herself not to love agn.
she cant bring herself to believe that
there love in this world again.
cause she believes...
love hurts.

that guy.
he was all she ever wanted.
but he didnt want her.
he made her fall for him.
but had no intention of catching her
he promised not to get into a relationship agn.
he din wanted to get hurt ever agn.
she made him felt that love was painful.
she made him lose belief in love.
but he struggled to hold on.
to live on.
but now... hes different
cause he'd turned into stone.
unfeeling and aloof

but one day.
they met each other.
they seemed so similiar..
and they were very good frens.
but aft some time they found out.
that they liked each other alot.
but however,
both did not want to start a relationship.
they were afraid of getting hurt agn.
they did not want to feel that pain in their chest.
cause its called heartbreak.
and it hurts alot .
so they've decided to be just good frens instead.
frens that share their troubles with each other.
frens that care for one another.
frens that will remain forever.

lol. i was being so rdm.
today i went out to the travel agency with my family.
woke up freaking early today.
omg my sleep gone sia...
cause we are going korea on the 8 nov.
we need to attend the briefing.
but i the whole time playing handfone games =x
v. v. v. boring mahh.
but when reached home was freaking tired.
so rested for a bit.
and now im blogging here (:

Do you ever think;
when you're all alone..
all that we could be,
where this could go..
Am i going crazy?
or falling in love?
Is it real?
or just another crush?

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
at 8:55 PM

thanks my friends all; kaixin, prisica, priscilla; for sticking up for me
but i really not angry with you
in fact i kindof pity you
having to waste ur holidays on spamming me
isnt it such a waste of time?
if u want me to feel sad or emo over this;
or feel unhappy and unbelonged,
you're wrong.
i'll always be myself
you dont affect me.
because i live for myself
and not you.
so wake up and be sensible.
go enjoy ur holidays.

ahahahahas today i so sotong.
i tot dance was at 9-12 =x
so i wake up so freaking early D:
then i go to sku see left see right
why so empty de!
then i go sms kaixin:
dance wad time uhs?
she said: 1-4.
i was omfg!
why i dunno one =x LOL
then i wanted to go to lib to read
then saw huimin and afiq
crapped lots :DD
they two horh!
keep calling each other bitches!
then around 10 me n afiq pangseh huimin

cause i had to go meet madeline at 11.
afiq wanted to run away frm huimin =x
then i tot need very long to go back clementi ma
how i know reach there only 10.45am
haiyo make me so paisehhh!
stand there wait for her =x
cause i inside the gate ma
then i was like the only one there
ppl all is wait outside de
i dont wan waste money go out and in agn
then suddenly got two policeman come towards me
i was like OMFG!
then i tot they wan ask me thing
they they say: excuse me;
then they go take sth from the box behind me
i swear my heart was like "bombombombom"
so scary sia.

then me and madeline go IMM
she wan see fone ma.
then i saw this fone super duper wuper nice [the W595]
but is like S$500+
so ex sia!
but find somehow to get my mother to buy sia
really like that fone ma.

then we go for dance around 12.30
wahhh! almost late.
i was superduper scared when tcher choosing ppl for the syf
but was really happy when i got chosen :DDD
im the one taking the blue umbrella
v. v. happy (:
umbrella dancers :
vernice, enci, yijing, samantha, cheryl, pearlyn,
munyee, shi ting, xiang lan, xiang lun, joey and eileen
ahahahas we were all v happy
so far the other ppl dancing for syf are:
kaixin, yeh lin, celestine, lynn, mei jia, nicole, priscilla,
tian mi, alda, jing wen
thats all i can think of for now (:
but i was like really tired aft dance
somemore me and yehlin hypered all the way to the JEC there
aft hyper-ing CFM battery flat
now aft bathe jiu blogging here lerhs.
where did i go wrong?
how did i lose you;
where did all these tears come from?
&& whyye did you have to find her..

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Monday, October 27, 2008
kaixin at 6:35 PM

`~' this is for my dearest kaixin'

kaixin please dont feel like that...
although u may treat me a little inferior to ur other good frens
but i've always treated you like family.
you can always call me to talk bout ur probs,
or u can scream at me
or hit me to vent ur anger.
i'll be ur listening ear
i'll be ur friend.

dont give up on yourself,
must jiayous okaye?
look on the positive side
hao bu hao?
even if one day you're all alone
i'll still be here for you.
no matter how u treat me.
even if all the fun things u leave me out,
even if all the outings u leave me out,
whatever u do.
i'll still be here for you.

if looking forward hurts u,
if looking back is painful,
why not look beside you,
im always here.
i din disappear at all
just a call,
n i'll be right here.

sometimes try to look around.
you'll find the world just so beautiful
you've so many fren here.
like alda, pearlyn, shuyun, me and many many more
and maybe you wont feel so tired aft all.
if you suddenly disappear
many frens will miss u alot.
you light up our lives with all ur bright smile
make us laugh with all ur silly ways.
so dun feel so sad alright?
everybody loves you.

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Saturday, October 25, 2008
at 3:13 PM

i just want some peace.
i dont like fighting or quarreling.
just leave me alone.
i want peace only.
thats all i ask.

and if u want to cont scolding me,
i'll only say that you're wasting ur own time.
why not use the time to enjoy ur holiday?
why use it to scold ppl and make ur life so horrible.
cause even if u do that.
its doesnt affect me at all.
i dont give a damn.

-{ this is for my fren}-

i really dont understand
why ppl have to quarrel
to fight.
why cant we try to get along?
maybe we might see that
the person isnt as bad as u tink.
just counting on another person's words
and hating another person without even knowing them
isnt it unfair?
and even if its true,
why dont u try to understand her/him.
why cant u accept them as they r?
why try to change them into ppl that u want them to be?
its really unfair.
do you think that
they also like to fight? to quarrel?
they dont.
in the end both of you will only get hurt.
i really dont want to see this ending.
i really wish u two to make peace
and be frens agn.

Babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Friday, October 24, 2008
at 3:51 PM

it was raining this morning.
really dont feel like going for cca uhs.
but kenot.
cause need mc.
so i chionged all the way to school
heng i nvr late :D

then after dance
pearlyn, yehlin and me go JEC for lunch.
so sad..
JEC going to close liaos.
going to renovate i tink.
had fun talking and chatting there :D
ended up staying there for more than one hour =x
haha me n yehlin got one secret plan
later we going to carry out our secret mission
hohoho :D
no ahhs. secret okayes.

then take mrt with pearlyn
but she going alight at commonwealth ma
we were talking about rubbish lorhhs
as per normal :D
home-ed at 3+
and then im blogging now.

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
sigh at 8:19 PM

what happens when
he's your prince charming
but you're not his cinderella?

i got gastric again i tink.
i guess i'll have to bear with it.
dont have anymore medicine
maybe cause i lunch din eat.
only ate nachos.

i really had fun today.
me n clara go watch movie.
we watch max payne
actually at first tot boring de
then i realised it was really very nice lorh!
then made two fun paint pictures with clara
[ i dont know whta they're called =x ]
so nice okay!
we did 2 houses, 1 doraemon and one poohbear
i love the house the most.
doraemon i tink we painted wrongly.
but horh the paint keep overflowing
we wipewipewipe still overflow >:(

i 5+ reach home
then now blogging lerhs.

babyy please come back to my side again
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
hm at 10:45 PM

true love is
when you shed a tear
&and still want him
the times we were happy tgt
are worth the times
i cry alone.

post-exam activites.
i rather stay at home.
its like boring uhs.

esp dance.
its ouchhh
ache here ache there.
looking forward to thursday
really really looking forward to it.

hehe madeline was so nice today!
she treat me taxi :D
no uhhs actually.
cause i dun wan [ no money ] :P
then she really too tired wan go home
then bo bian treat me :DDD
but it was raining lahhs.
i got wet. TT
heng never melt :D

i buzhidao why horh
i no reason will also sometimes emo de lorhh.
note to self: look more on the positive side
no uhhs.
maybe cause i alone that time will anyhow think
i onlyy child ma
no siblings to share with.
can onlyy emo norhh..

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Sunday, October 19, 2008
argh at 6:34 PM

im really pissed off okaye?
wads with parents?!
okaye fine i alr got 4As and all Bs to get a psp
but my *good* mother said
ohh i see ur behaviour for this week first
i was like =.=
i get le is get le wad!
why still must see?!

somemore just now i fking hungry
so i go cook.
my mother also wan.
then nvm i also cook her share luhhs.
i cook finish i heard the door open
oh my father come back.
he come back nvm
cause i cook some canned soup rite
he say i wan a small bowl
b4 i could say anything
he took out a bowl and
" i take from mummy's bowl ahh
can i also take one scoup from ur bowl?"
i got nth to say la
but then he nvr keep his promise la!
he go take so much!
i nvr eat lunch u know?!
asshole sia.
that one still okaye.
he say he wash everything ma.
but then he eat le jiu dunno 死到哪里去了 !
cause i in rm ma
then i suddenly heard my mother call.
i go kitchen lo
she complained that i nvr wash.

i say back la:
"its not mine okay!
mine is here! thats one is daddy de!"
she say she dont care
ask me wash
say:" he is ur daddy
help him wash wont die one
somemore u haven make me happy yet
how to get ur psp?"
i angry until i nth to say

now im fuming mad and blogging here.

babyy please come back to my side
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
hm at 10:45 PM

u'd nvr understand
how i felt at all
me and my life
anyway i supposed im not even worth ur time
maybe u treat me as ur plaything
maybe i mean nth to you at all.

i just dont understand.
i look around me and
see all people smiling having fun.
they dont get bad rumours
they dont get snubbed
they dont get called names
they dont get hated
they get all the fun they want.
except me.

its not i care what ppl say about me
i dont give a damn about it
but sometimes i tink
that its getting overboard
dont u people care about how i feel?!
dont u ever consider my feelings at all?
or even my reputation,
all ur lies.
do u know,
ur lies have made ppl hate me before they even know me!
do u know how that would feel?

maybe my life isnt worth living for
maybe im just a waste of space.
im not worth any frens
im not worth their time.

im stupid, fat, ugly, idiot,
clumsy, flirty, dumbass,
short, arrogant, unsightly,
hateful, spiteful..
and so many more!
im everything you all detest!

im giving up on myself already;
im going to break down soon.
i cant hold on any longer..
do you know its so tiring and hard?
my grip is slipping..
im falling..
but nobody wants to catch me..

baby please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
hm at 11:25 PM

you can pay me all
the compliment you want
but the only words
that matter to me are
the three words
you cant bring yourself to say.

i love you.
look, i said it.
can you?

baby please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Sunday, October 12, 2008
*shrieks*!! at 7:30 PM

this is for ytd as ytd din have time to post.

woke up superduper early
then went to the henderson waves walkwalk
with my neighbours and family
phew. tired sia.
but i very suay lorh
my specs one of the lens drop through the gap of the bridge TT
then cannot see
my father so funny.
he say:
but lehhs down there is jungle lehhs
i tink look 1 yr also kenot find.
so now wearing my new specs
the black and hot pink one
i long time already have le
but i dun wan wear de
haiyo, now dunwan wear also must wear le
but lehh there horh reallyreally superduper BEAUTIFUL!
worth it to lose my lens..

then home-ed.

about 4 plus i went swimming at chevrons
then my neighbour, wayne and andri joined me at 5.
we had so much fun.
splash here splash there :DDD

at night i went to tuition.
walao i solo tuition sia
all the ppl nvr come (!!!)
aft tuition i went my neighbour house watch horror movie, 4bia
its about 4 ghost stories in one movie
me and andri huddled and covered our faces
and screamed at the scary parts
this is the scariest one i ever watched sia.
somemore cause we were munching one snacks while watching
one part i was so scared, i jerked the plate
then got some of the chis drop all over me =x
then i decided dun eat liaos
later i so scared until my whole body all chips
this movie really very scary
usually the background sound will get louder n louder
then the ghost will come out
but horh!
this one is silcence NO WARNING ONE
heng i no heart attack sia!
but i really screamed.
esp the last story,
the plane one, about flight 224.
super scary.
i tink i for one month kennot watch ghost movie le.
this is the FIRST time i watch horror movie will nightmare lehhs!
that night i 4am++ woke up
my whole body all cold sweat lehhs
i scared until i go hug my granmother.
i kept thinking of the movie
even though i tried not to think of it
but it kept coming up.
now my mind also still replaying the movie
i want a hug..
i NEED a hug! D:
then i dunno how then i managed to sleep.

today i 11 + then woke up
because i ytd nvr sleep well.
heheh i ordered pizza for lunch (:
then i whole day use com.
and watched one comedy show
and then im blogging now
ahahahs :DD

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Thursday, October 09, 2008
exams are over!! at 5:21 PM

EOY IS OVER!!! yayyys!!!
means its playtime n go-out-time!

this morning was art exam.
6.44am i car-ed to sku.
gave clara babyy the paaaaaaalette :D
sat at the table looking at other ppl doing their art.
i really tink i gone case le.
cause all the ppl the art pieces sooo nice lehhs!
i reallyreallyreaaally kenot fail!!!
i somemore almost nvr finished =x
tcher collecting i still colouring lehhs!
i reallyreally scared mine will smudge
cause i just finished painting it like a few mins b4 tcher collected it
nvm besides art is NOT important maaa!

then bus-ed to JE with pearlyn, jolene and li wen
bought a large mash potato n one pineapple pie at KFC for my lunch.
mmmms... yummy!
lol. then i took mrt home with pearlyn.
that pearlyn ahhs! sooo selfish!
i stood there sulking
cause she just wouldnt let me drink a sip of her bubble tea!
arghhhhs! *pulls hair*

i reach home then i immediatey on com.
audi-ed for a lil while.
then dunno why i sooo sleepy.
went to my room to take a 10 min nap,
but horh!
10 min nap became 3 hr nap lehhs!
i tink cause the past few days i kept slping at 12+
to study for EOY, nvr slp well.
now i sooo refreshed le (:
then im here blogging..

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Tuesday, October 07, 2008
the lil girl. at 5:58 AM

exams are here.
and im sinking down now.
im smiling.
inside, im down.
i seem so worthless.
im that ugly duckling
that nobodys wans.

never judge a person by their behaviour
u cant tell what they're saying about u
inside their heart.
i feel so despondent at times.
thinking about u
makes me feel even worse.
why did i felt that there was still a chance
for us to be together.
its all over between us.
u already gone.
im glad u're happy.
feeling all the bliss i can never give you.
only she could bring a smile on ur face.

u're so happy.
im glad too.
cause i rmb my fren once said,
if u love someone, let him go.
so im letting u go now.
i shall pick myself up agn
and go on living like it didnt matter.
but i know,
it matters alot to me.

i guess this time
it's really goodbye.
you made it clear when you said
i just don't love you no more.
what was i thinking,
letting it go.
letting you go.
but u took my heart with you.

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Wednesday, October 01, 2008
ohhhs! at 11:12 PM

what the heck is wrong with parents.
studying 24 hr is no good de okays!

this morning wanted to go library study de
cause lib no temptation of computers ma.
how i know reach there
i saw the sign there
i was like wtf sia.
so i ended up studying somewhere else lorhhs.
wahhs my math super cmi arhs
algebra cfm fail de.
my weakest topic sia!
oh bother.

then 2+ reach home.
i saw my mom playing maple
she say her laptop lag worhhs...
kenot use
must use mine ahhs.
she made me go inside my room to study lorhh.
i like kena locked up liddat.
so kelian sia
no com to use then all the books surround me.
then finally now i blogging lerh
cause my mom very tired aft zakum and went to sleep
tmr got sku agains...
must remind myself to ask mr soh about maths.

p.s SELAMAT HARI RAYA too all muslims!!

babyy please come back to my side agn
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

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