Strumming Some Heartstrings

Sunday, November 29, 2009
at 12:03 AM

last post while im in sg :D
going msia tmr .
taking the 8am train ,

well i shall show some unglam picture of my shoes .
i was washing them . then i see the colour diff i was like omg .
lols ,

oooh , dance was superglam today .
beautiful eyeshadow , long pony tail .
*pearlyn : POMPOM!*
lol ,
and my favourite long EYELASHES .
i feeel pretty lol .
no lah ,
but i woke up at 638am today .
overslept ==
chionged out w/o realising i nvr bring PE attire or Ezlink .
had to go home in costume T.T
ugly .
gah .
had lunch with Pearlyn at kfc before car-ing home .
Love you all ,
Shall miss you D:
esp bestie & wifeyy !

dance photos !

I super love this one ! Joey's so pretty !

okays , unglammmmmm . but check out my LONG EYELASHES !

Wifeyyy !

couple of bad kids , stay away & beware !

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Thursday, November 26, 2009
at 10:05 PM

a short short update ,

urgh ,
due to my super suaynesss ,
my psp isnt working again ==
aft only getting it fixed at 1pm .
yah .
wth .

nvm ,
im going to get it fixed agn tmr .
wtf , wasted 30bucks .

woke up around 8isham .
my beauty sleep ):
got dragged to temple .
ohwell ,
as usual got smoky and stinky .
then went chinatown shopping for stuff .
got my psp done for $30 + 15 free games .
but as you see the top ,
its spoilt agn .
wtf .

waited at JE int for joey to arrive ,
my shirt for performance .
ohwell .
thanks joeey .

fyi readers ,
im going to malaysia on 29th nov ,
and most probably be back on the 24th of dec .
cant text ):
but i should be able to on msn .
i think ah ,
i thinking only .
of course will buy stuff & take photos with my beloved shermaine .
lols .
my hubby *shy*
lol , karmen please dont jealous if you ever see this ):
i love you lots too !
ohlol .
im talking to myself .

nvm , shall maple now .
buhbyeeees .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
at 7:32 PM

super fun day ! :D
ohhhh , with girlfriend & kj !
woke up around 930ish .
changed blahblahblah ..
get ready ....
omg .
skipksipskip .

rushed out to meet karmen & kj .
teehees sorry im always late !
lols ,
karmen wore heels & got a blister .
tsktsk !
see lah !
nice heels get you trouble D:
had subway for lunch .
terriyaki chicken for me .
i couldnt find my tie in daiso D:

headed on to vivocity .
took mrt there .
lols .
we dont really know how to go noh .
but oh well .
hohos .
headed to playground first .
aiyuh .
fun leh :D
swing round and round and round .
took alot of unglam photos D:
but i dont care .
hehehes .

went wading pool next .
lucky my shirt black cannot see thru .
lols .
tsk .
hair got super messy ,

dried up and headed for shopping !
kj needed clothes .
hmmm .
hohos .
he got 6pac lehhh .
not bad .
smexy worh !

met up with another friend .
went arcade :D!!
Parapara-ed .
i realised im pretty good at it !
teeheee .
but i totally failed guitarhero & the basketball thingy .
my aiming fail D:

had super fun today .
shall bathe !
buhbye !

(unglam) Photos !

karmen swinging around . lols

SEEESAW! lols kj & k .

hahahahas , kj & me ! almost fell here D:

weeeeee ? lols :D!

stupid unglam face , but its fun !

pole dancing karmen ! :D

kj why you so skinny ):

my two beloved girlfriend & boyfriend ! (insidejoke :D)

im the one pouting behind =x

i think its karmen's feet .

idk what happen to my hair D:

Mr Asshole :D

Mr Masturbate D:

Mr Horny :D!

Mr Perv!

so fun ,

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Monday, November 16, 2009
at 6:02 PM

Shall post all the shopping photos for sat and today .
hohos .
went jp shopping with Jieling nuer today .
destress you know !
i so stressed recently ._.
yah ,
and great i spent $93.50 today .
no money for sometime liaos .
okayokay .
picture time .


Saturday .
black lacy top , spagetti strap , $20

close up

Today's shopping !
grey long shirt , my own tube . total : $24
(supposed to have a black even longer shirt inside but i didnt like it so i removed it)
the back of the grey piece

COAX Black denim shorts , $24 , pretty ey ?


Black tee from OceanParadise , $22

SDC Carolina shirt from JimmyZ , $14.50

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Saturday, November 14, 2009
at 9:44 PM

i keep smelling the fragrance of promise
i guess the wind that swept by you is passing by my side right now
maybe it's a sunshine in my heart that shines on only you
it even embraces the painful scars

love you
bringing you up, i close my eyes tight once again
i love you. if i can fill up both your eyes
i love you. if i show you my laughter
i'd take everything under the starlight and give them to you
i love you. if i can convey this heart to you
i love you. if you teach that heart
i'll become like it in every way
love you, love you, love you, forever

i'm walking, following you, hiding behind the moonlight
what do i do if you don't notice
should i make another request to the clouds to rain again
so i can hold your wet heart

love you
bringing you up, i close my eyes tight once again
i love you. if i can fill up both your eyes
i love you. if i show you my laughter
i'd take everything under the starlight and give them to you
i love you. if i can convey this heart to you
i love you. if you teach that heart
i'll become like it in every way
love you, love you, love you, forever .


geeesh ,
so romantic .
makes me wanna find a guy D:
but ohwell nvm .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

at 8:41 PM

wth .
wth .
wth .

i figured that i wanted to know whose my nextyr classmates .
then i only ended up with 13 names .
okay .
idk why .

here are my fab classmates .
urgh ><

Lim Ye Min
Maisarah Bte Abdul Jalil
Sim Zhi Ming
R Venkat

Chua Jia Yi
Felicia Kwek Zhen Yi
Cheryl :D
Tay Shiyun Amanda
Wee Jing Hui
Amir Rafie' B Mohamad Jasmani
Elson Wee Liang Qing

Henry Alexander Santosa
Ow Di Gene

okays .
hi~ future classmates .
idk how to make a class with THIRTEEN PEOPLE .
the school so pro .

im tired .
shall sleep now .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Friday, November 13, 2009
at 10:27 PM

its a super cold day D:!
urghh .

woke up 10ish .
chiong to get ready ,
meeting pearl at 12 at JE int .
for the first time i was earlier than her :D!
she was later than me by 10mins .
oh well .
nvm .
i was later for dance by half an hour !
omg .
lucky nvr get scolded .
took my sec3 books from bookshop too .
hmm .
hands have bruises now D:
nono .
i mean aching .

dance was tiring but still enjoyed it .
needa borrow white long sleeved workshirt .
anyone have ? D:
not dancing SYF on 28 anymore ):
dancing modern dance liaos .
its okay .
it still dance :D

aft dance waited in canteen with K & P .
K's mom on the way to fetch .
while poor pearlyn and me had to go home in the rain .
im gonna melt soon D:
it was uberuber cold .
esp aft my icechingteng !
(bought from bubbleteashop)
shivered home .

anyways ,
specials thanks to pearlyn ,
which helped me carry my uber heavy books into the train .
oh ,
i've lost weight again :D

feeling very uneasy now .
aft reading some very disturbing news article .
gah .
like gonna vomit D:
shall rest awhile now .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Sunday, November 08, 2009
at 10:32 AM

sorry peeps ;
was so tired ytd aft cip & tuition that i didnt blog or onlined msn .
lols .
rare that i dont use comp hor..
but yeah .
too tired ):

shall blog about ytd now .
later i too lazy then nvr blog le .

got woken up at 630 ytd .
omg .
its a saturday ._.
lol ,
washed up , breakfast-ed , maple-ed awhile .
thn changed & chiong to sengkang .
phews .
lol , so qiao , i saw leikyu at mrt also .
omg .
we took the same train .
he also going for the cip .
then train to sengkang ,
saw elson , bangsong & zhenhao .
piangeh , all so coincidental .
nvm ,
next year we not classmates anymore le .

reached around 940 .
woah !
the moove shirt is nice .
big uberuber huge .
): my M size like XL like that ey .
gah .
got briefed & blahblahs .
we selling badges , 1 for $2 .
all donations go to home nursing foundation kay .
during briefing so funny .
i resting my donation tin on the wooden cow ,
then suddenly got guy come over and put coins inside .
we were like OMG .
lol .
mine first to have money (:

hang on * intermission *
lemme finish my noodles .

okay back-ed .
we split up to find people to buy the badges .
lol , we are allowed to go anywhere .
but must go back to report for lunch at 1230 .
hoho .
at 1230 ,
i left 34 badges out of 50 badges edi .
sheeesh .
alot people wan to donate but dont want the badge .

got all hot and sweaty .
but got KFC lunch lol .
the value box one .
was superfull aft that .
i met new friends also , qiaofen & christina .
they 17 but pssst , they shorter than me :X
no offence if you ever read this ):
but then again , they are super nice people !
christina actually lived 2 blocks away from me ._.
they say they one day wanna crash my house ):

at the end of the whole cip thingy ,
was 3.30ish or 4ish lah .
i sold 30 badges .
lol .
went walkwalk around compass point with qf & chris .
wahhh .
bought a bag of potato chips to keep me company .
i so pig .

homed at 6ish .
gah .
couldnt sms properly on the mrt .
was so sleepy & the seats were suddenly so comfortable .
lol .
but still ..
aiyah .
i reached home and bombed on my bed .
the wonder of the bed .
fckin tired luh .
but 7 went down for dinner ..
ate horfun .
tmd if i put on weight i might faint .

*pssst , but i didnt put on weight today!*

8pm chionged for tuition .
chatted crap with mrlee more than i did work .
mwahahaaa .
gah .

10 reached homed .
crashed on bed again & fell asleep .
11ish i woke up .
realised haven text guy .
texted him i reached home & blahblahblahhh
but i think i fell asleep again before i read his replies ._.
ohwell .

lets jump back to reality ,
today . 8Noveber2009 .
wokeup around 1030ish .
rolled over and fumbled with phone .

lets skip this part .
i dont wannt to tell you what happened .
): bye peeps im done with blogging .
maybe later .

life's so complicated ,
even a simple word ,
could destroy the happy days in life .
you mattered to me more than you think .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Friday, November 06, 2009
at 9:16 PM

well this is to just pour most of things out .
urgh .

im taking one step at a time , trying my best not to fall ,
its like learning how to walk or ride a bike (which i still dont know how )
the first step is always the hardest .
like you have to trust the bike ermm..
*bikeyy , dont let me fall alrights ?*
sth like that .
urgh .
lifes not beeen well this week .
currently hate my life ):
im supposed to be a happy-go-lucky girl D:
i hate stress ,
wheres the happy part .
ohwell .
maybe i ate it .
im just..
urgh , sad .

back to reality .
woke up like 5.50 today .
wth is this ?
a school day ?
nono , its marketing day .
ohwell .
was looking forward to go nanhua for marketing :D

and woahhhhhhhhh .
mr koh was so nice and bubbly today .
the fierce part disappeared :D
*the bumble bee , karmen !*
lol , inside joke :X
well ..
throat super dry aft every 2 briefings .
hahaha got parents say my briefing is clear (:
so happy .

was tired aft that...
slacking in library with k , yf , p & l .
argh ,
couldnt open my eyes properly during dance .
i think i walked like a drunk person when i went home .
& omg lol !
the coffeeshop guy said hi & talked to me .
tsk ,
the uncle so nice .

im just crapping .
urgh .
well ,
time to go back to my emo corner & snooze ):

goodbyes ,
& hopefully no more nightmares today .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
at 6:56 PM

somebody please buy this cute doggy for me ....
please , its from minitoons at jp ):
so cute .

woah ;
went jp today to watch poker king .
hohos .
its nice alright .
but the show was 2hr .
buttcramp D:

oh this morning ,
woke up at ard 9ish .
showered & ate a sandwich .
spent 15mins doing my hair lol !
was thinking whether to put down fringe not .
but as you can see in my picture .
i didnt in the end .
argh .
aft that settled down to play com abit .
hohos .

rushed out at 1.10 .
omg , i almost late .
teehees ,
but still caught the movie .
thankyous flen for the movie !

erhems i rate the the poker king as 4.5/5 !
go watch !
well ,
had fun today .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

Tuesday, November 03, 2009
at 7:44 PM

got up around 7ishh .
yawned & recalled the night before .
sighhed & went to wash up .

had maths lesson at 10 .
met karmen & pearlyn around 9ish
they had lesson at 930 ..

ended at 1130 ,
rushed to pepperlunch to meet p & k .
the seafood pepperlunch was pretty nice .
no wait .
its is nice .

k wanted to meet yf ,
so everybody cabbed to jp .
hooray .,
he didnt come after all .
went mac to eat (drown) my sorrows .
okay regretted .
nt used to eating alot .
tummy pain .
pearlyn had headache .
and wth , k nothing wrong .
in fact she was still hungry !
wth ,
forget it lahh ,,

danced from 2.30 to 5 .
tcher not feeling well ,
left at 430 .
done .
went toilet wash up .
gloomed ,
urgh .
gah .
goooh .
nvm .

homed with pearlyn .
yeahhs .
end of day .
listless .
urgh .
goodnight .

im going crazy ,
yeah .
from you .
but i have no idea what to do .
except cry .

i loved you always
xoxo ,
you know you love me .

The Girl Next Door .

Cheryl ♥


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